Yorkshire woman’s desperate plea as best friend battles Covid in ICU

A Calderdale woman who thought coronavirus was “exaggerated” has urged people to not be selfish as her best friend struggles to breathe on a ventilator in hospital as she battles the virus.

Karen Carter shared a heartbreaking post on Facebook that details her best friend Julie who caught the virus despite rarely ever leaving her house.

On Facebook, Karen wrote: “This post is to make people of Calderdale realise it does exist”.

Karen goes onto share that Julie who is currently in the intensive care unit (ICU) in Calderdale Royal Hospital, tried to FaceTime her but is struggling to breathe long enough to say a sentence.

She also adds that the past few weeks have taught her a “valuable lesson” while urging people to take the pandemic seriously.

The post reads: “All I tried to do with this post is make the people of Calderdale realise it does exist.

“I used to think COVID was a little ‘exaggerated’ by the Govt. I knew people had it (I was never stupid enough to believe it came from someone eating a bat though).

Julie tried to FaceTime Karen and can’t even breathe long enough to say a sentence
Julie tried to FaceTime Karen and can’t even breathe long enough to say a sentence
(Image: Karen Carter)

” I honestly thought the govt were maybe using it for their agenda! ‘Don’t pay cash, pay card’ blah blah blah! Then they knew exactly who was spending what right? And how many people were avoiding tax, vat etc.

“These last few weeks have taught me a valuable lesson. I now know five people who ‘have it’. Not a friend of a friend but actual people.

“These pics are of my bestie, Julie currently in ICU in CRH. She has just tried to FaceTime us and can’t even breathe long enough to say a sentence.

“We love ya Jules.”

Karen also slammed people who may try to use Christmas as a reason to breach the lockdown rules.

She added: “To all the people trying to ‘get round Christmas’ or ‘I’m not telling anyone I have COVID’ get a grip! It isn’t about you! Or your Christmas!

“Christmas is one day and unless you’re a ‘devout Catholic’ you can sod off using it as an excuse. Even then you can sod off.

“It’s about real people being put at risk. My bestie didn’t deserve this. She has mega anxiety and depression and rarely leaves the house but she still got it and I don’t want to lose her! Stop being so selfish. You won’t give a sh** until it affects you personally.

“To all you people trying to find loopholes so you can spend Xmas together please get a grip. It’s just one Christmas. Surely that’s better than losing someone you love, hey!”

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