These five ‘forgotten’ Lurchers have spent a total of 28 years in a Halifax rescue centre

Five ‘forgotten’ dogs have spent a cumulative 28 years in a West Yorkshire rescue waiting for new families to collect them.

The Lurchers have been overlooked by all potential owners but that doesn’t stop Lurcher Link, near Halifax, from trying to find them loving homes.

One is the longest staying resident at the home, having been there since 2013, with the second longest arriving just one year later.

Many of the dogs would have been ‘destroyed’ if Lurcher Link didn’t step in to save them and offer them, what should have been, a temporary home.

The rescue centre has saved nearly 1,000 Lurchers since opening in 2003 but so far no secure suitable homes for the below dogs have become available.

Benny – eight years in rescue

Benny the Bull Terrier has spent eight years in a rescue shelter
Benny the Bull Terrier has spent eight years in a rescue shelter

Benny has spent eight years in a rescue shelter after being picked up from the pound.

He is around nine or 10-years-old and was a wandering stray when he was before being rescued by Lurchers Link.

Neglected, underweight and suffering from worms, he was also found covered in scars and calluses when they took him in.

The team worked to put some weight on his bones and socialise him with dogs and humans again.

Now, he is a loyal companion who needs a home where his owners will be around most of the time.

A Lurcher Link Rescue spokesperson said: “He’d thrive in a home where there’s someone around most of the time as he finds it hard to be left.

“He needs the company of people and other dogs to feel secure and happy in the world.

“He’ll reward his new owners with boundless affection and loyalty. He’s a real favourite in the kennels as he’s just so endearing and loving.”

Aurora – seven years in rescue

Lurcher Link Rescue took in Aurora as an emergency rescue from Gumtree.

The poor girl, who is now five years old, had four different homes within the first 14 months of her life.

She is quite a chunky dog ,which some people may be put off by. She is well trained, has learnt to walk well on a lead, and is quick and willing to learn.

However, she can be jumpy and reactive so should be with an experienced large dog owner without young children or other small animals.

She has been let down by people in the past but will devote herself to the perfect owner.

Ronnie – six years in rescue

Ronnie has been in rescue for six years, only two less than Benny.

Lurcher Link Rescue estimate he is around seven or eight-years-old, but like Benny, he was found as a stray so his exact age is unknown.

Ronnie had a similar start to life to Benny, being taken in by a stray dog pound and rescued from there by the Lurcher rescue centre.

The brindle Lurcher needs an experienced handler who can be around a lot, especially as he settles in or he can become distressed even with another dog around.

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Chyna – four years in rescue

Chyna has come back to the rescue centre after being rehomed because the owners said she was too strong on the lead and managed to escape a few times.

Coming from a stray pound, there is no knowledge of her early life, except she was in season.

She is about six-years-old and is ‘brilliant with people and quiet’ but mostly walks well on a lead although when she does pull, you know about it.

It is often best to walk her in a head collar.

Flash – two-and-a-half years in rescue

Flash came to Lurcher Link rescue after his owner could no longer look after him and his pal Mitzi.

Mitzi has been rehomed, leaving Flash alone at the rescue centre.

The friendly dog travels well and has good recall and is generally good on the lead but can be reactive to small dogs.

He is underweight due to kennel stress but desperate for a loving owner to offer him home comforts again.

Flash would like to be an only dog or live with a laid back female dog.

One day, he will be somebody’s best friend and love them with all he has.

If you can give any of these Lurchers a home, visit Lurcher Link Rescue.

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