Spotlight on Shop 4 Little Horrors

This place might be a shop for little horrors but it’s actually packed to the rafters with adorable super-cuties!  Local owner, Caroline, has created a shrine to all things cute and cuddly at her wonderful Piece Hall premises, so be prepared to have your heart well and truly melted. 

Gorgeous soft toys of every shape and size are the big thing here, with every budget catered for by stocking fillers from a fiver right up to beautiful heirlooms for £150.  Right now, it’s Caroline’s fabulous Adopt a Teddy idea that everyone wants a piece of.  Here, she buys pre-loved teddies, cleans them up beautifully and gives them a whole new lease of life before selling them on again.  You can buy pre-loved bears, bunnies and other animals, plus you’ll get a cute certificate, your teddy’s ‘life story’ and even a fridge magnet thrown in too.  Best of all it’s a greener and more sustainable way to snuggle up, because you’ll be saving a teddy from landfill.

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