New map shows Covid death toll in every West Yorkshire neighbourhood

The total number of coronavirus deaths in West Yorkshire is currently just short of 4,000.

And tragically every neighbourhood in the region’s five districts except one has been affected by at least one out of the 3,912 fatalities.

An interactive map produced by the Office for National Statistics shows the number of deaths where Covid-19 was the underlying (main) cause on the death certificate in every neighbourhood in England and Wales.

Each area has a population of around 8,000 and the latest figures cover deaths registered between March to December 2020, meaning that the figures from January and February have not yet been reflected.

With 39 deaths, Ilkley and Ben Rhydding in the Bradford borough suffered the most fatalities in West Yorkshire.

It’s followed by Lady Wood and Oakwood in Leeds (35), Colton, Austhorpe & Whitkirk in Leeds (33) and Fairweather Green in the city of Bradford (33).

Leeds City Centre is the only neighbourhood in the West Yorkshire region where no deaths have occurred.

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Here are the latest borough-by-borough figures


According to goverment figures, the total number of deaths up until now in Bradford is 979, making it the second most badly hit area in West Yorkshire after Leeds.

But according to the government’s interactive map, the area most hit up until December was Ilkley and Ben Rhydding, where there were 39 deaths. This was the highest number across the neighbourhoods in West Yorkshire.

This is followed by Fairweather Green within the city of Bradford where there was 33 deaths.

Bingley Town and Shearbridge & University each recorded 29 deaths up until December.

The area with the least deaths up until December was Oakworth and Laycock, where one was recorded.

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The latest figures show that the total number of deaths of people who died up to 28 days after testing positive for coronavirus in Calderdale up until now is 291.

The borough has recorded the lowest fatality numbers in West Yorkshire.

According to the interactive map, the area to most badly hit from March until December was Central Halifax and Boothtown, where there were 21 deaths.

The second most deaths in that period was recorded in Pellon East, where there were 19 deaths.

The lowest number was recorded in Illingworth and Ogden, where there was two deaths.


The latest figures show that 765 people who tested positive with coronavirus died within 28 days in the Kirklees district.

The government’s interactive map shows that the area that was most badly hit in the period from when the pandemic started up until December was Heckmondwike North, where there was 28 deaths.

Dewsbury Savile Town & Thornhill Lees has the next highest number with 25 deaths.

The area within Huddersfield with the highest number covid deaths up until December was Lockwood, where there were 19 deaths.

Three deaths were recorded in Holmfirth, New Mill & Hepworth, the lowest number in Kirklees.

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According to the government’s latest figures, there have been 1,176 deaths in Leeds from people who tested positive with coronavirus.

This is the largest number out of all of the areas in West Yorkshire.

The area where the most deaths in the city were recorded was in Lady Wood and Oakwood, where 35 deaths were recorded up until December.

The next highest number was recorded in Colton, Austhorpe & Whitkirk, where there had been 33 deaths.

There had been 30 deaths in Seacroft North & Monkswood.

No deaths were recorded in Leeds City Centre during the period and the fewest were in the Hyde Park and Aberford, Barwick & Thorner areas, where two deaths were recorded in each area.


The latest figures show that there have been 701 deaths in the Wakefield district throughout the pandemic.

According to the interactive government map the area within Wakefield to record the highest number of deaths up until December was Lupset, where there was 27 deaths.

Outwood West recorded the next highest number of deaths in the district, with 26 deaths.

The lowest number of deaths was recorded in Horbury, where there were three deaths up until December.

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