‘Idiot’ in mum’s Audi leaves woman with smashed spine after hitting tree

A young woman was lucky not to be paralysed when a teenage driver lost control of his mum’s Audi car and crashed into a tree in Halifax.

Uninsured and unlicensed Tyler Horne, who was just 18, had been showing off when he told the three passengers he had picked up in the early hours that he was going to “floor it” after driving past a speed camera.

“You did exactly that, did you not,” said Judge Jonathan Rose.

“You were driving at such a speed that the tyres of the car were squealing.”

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Horne, of Halifax Road, Ripponden, had taken his mum’s car while she was at work on the night of August 28, 2019, and had then offered to give a female friend a lift home after she had been to a nightclub in Halifax.

Prosecutor Ian Brook said the woman described Horne as driving “like an idiot” at very high speeds, but when she got a call from her two friends he drove back to pick them up.

Mr Brook said one of the other young women said Horne was “driving like a maniac” and ignoring their pleas for him to slow down.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Horne was shouting “whoa” at the top of his voice and things were flying around inside the car.

Horne ignored the pleas to slow down saying he knew how to drive, but he eventually lost control of the Audi on Huddersfield Road, veered across the road and crashed into a tree.

After the crash Horne told the three women to get out and said:”****’s sake. I wrote my mum’s car off.

“This is what happens when you drive pissed up with no insurance.”

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Horne also threatened his passengers not to tell anyone who was driving adding: ”I know where you live and I will ruin your life.”

Mr Brook said one of the women collapsed because of pain in her chest and back and at the hospital she was found to have suffered a fractured spine and broken vertebrae.

She was in hospital for 11 days, had to wear a custom-made body brace and the injury kept her off work for months.

Horne, who is now 20, was circulated as “wanted” in relation to the crash and was not arrested until November 2019.

He initially denied a charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, but earlier this year he finally admitted the offence.

His barrister Anastasis Tasou conceded Horne’s actions had been stupid, reckless and dangerous, but he urged the judge to take account of his age and immaturity at the time.

Mr Tasou said his client knew his mum would be returning home from work and he “drove like a maniac” to get back in the hope that she wouldn’t notice he had taken the car.

“It was a stupid, childish act to take his mum’s new car while she was at work,” he added.

Mr Tasou said the consequences could have been so much worse for Horne and the passengers in the car.

Judge Rose noted that the maximum sentence for causing serious injury by dangerous driving was five years and said some people may view that as “woefully inadequate”.

“You slowed down as you approached a speed camera clearly with the intention of avoiding detection for speeding and then, after you had passed, you said to your passengers, in clearly what was showing off, you intended to floor it,” Judge Rose told Horne.

“From what I understand of the medical evidence (the injured woman) was within millimetres of being paralysed permanently because of what you had done.”

The judge sentenced Horne to 28 months in a young offenders institution, banned him from driving for a total of 50 months and ordered him to take an extended re-test at the end of the disqualification period.

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