Heartbreak as Chorkie dies after attack by 5 unleashed dogs

An Illingworth family whose dog died after being attacked by mastiff-like dogs is calling for a change in the law to prevent dog-on-dog attacks.

Marie Jones and her family were left ‘heartbroken’ after their two-year-old Chorkie- a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier mix- was put to sleep after attacked by dogs on Monday.

They are now calling for people to keep their dogs on leads in built-up areas, and want the law to change to deal with incidents of dog-on-dog attacks.

At present, the Dangerous Dogs Act only covers dogs that attack humans and does not have the power to take action when dogs attack other animals.

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Marie Jones was out running near Halifax with her dog ‘Hero’ on Monday morning when two large mastiff-like dogs, who were off their leads, ran up and grabbed hold of Hero.

Ms Jones doesn’t remember much about the attack, but remembers lots of ‘screaming and shouting’ before the dogs dropped Hero enough that she was able to pick him up.

Hero was then rushed to the vets, who found that Hero’s pelvis had detached from the spine, his jaw was broken and that the damage done was so traumatic that specialist surgery was needed.

Ms Jones said: “The amount of damage he had, the vet said that if they didn’t know, they would have assumed he was in a traffic accident.”

They were warned that Hero would never be the same again, and so the painful decision was made to put him to sleep.

Vets said the damage caused was equivalent to a traffic accident
Vets said the damage caused was equivalent to a traffic accident
(Image: Marie Jones)

Ms Jones said that police were powerless to do anything about the attack, since it was a dog-on-dog attack, and no people were injured.

She is now calling for more powers to punish irresponsible dog owners in situations like these, in order to prevent another tragedy from occurring.

A petition was created to make dog-on-dog attacks a specific criminal offence, which has gained over 9,000 signatures.

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Ms Jones also calls on people to keep their dogs on leads in built-up areas where other dogs may be around, as you never know what might happen.

Ms Jones said: “They shouldn’t be off their lead, they shouldn’t be uncontrollable, they’re going to cause heartache to somebody for no reason.

“Even if we think we can control them, they’re still animals aren’t they?

“It just takes that once, as we found out to our cost.”

Hero was almost two years old when he was attacked
Hero was almost two years old when he was attacked
(Image: Marie Jones)

Since Hero was on his lead at the time, Ms Jones was able to scoop him up during the attack to save him, because the larger dogs weren’t able to drag him away.

She said: “It was a good job he was on his lead. The vets had said ‘It’s a good job he was on his lead because if he wasn’t, they would have killed him’.”

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