Christmas In Halifax 2020

Christmas In Halifax 2020

We understand what a difficult year this has been, in an already difficult climate for high streets. You may remember that last Christmas we introduced a ‘Shop in Halifax’ campaign featuring some of the businesses and friendly faces of our town centre. This year, we’re looking to build on that campaign and really push the importance of supporting our town centre and local economy.

The campaign for 2020 will focus on encouraging local shopping whilst highlighting the measures businesses have implemented to ensure safety and instil confidence in shoppers.

We want to encourage shoppers to come and explore our town centre, learn that they really can get everything they need for Christmas in Halifax and have a great time while they’re in town. We know that Halifax has loads to offer – we just need to make sure our shoppers know it too!

So here’s where you come in. We’re looking for a small number of businesses to feature in our campaign, be included in the photography and be the positive voices of Halifax. We’re looking to hit the ground running with this campaign and will be looking for forward thinking businesses to partner with us on this project.

If you’re interested, get in touch today – we’ve only got a few places available! Email us today

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