Brave little Halifax girl was bullied at school so badly her hair fell out

A brave young girl is hoping to get her confidence back after she lost all her hair after being bullied at school.

Bonnie Pullan was just seven when her mum Wendy noticed a small bald patch had appeared on her head during a half-term holiday. Eventually, all her hair fell out, although it did start growing back when Bonnie was at home with her mum during lockdown.

But the stress of returning to school led to all of her hair, eyelashes and eyebrows falling out and Bonnie was diagnosed with alopecia universalis, a condition characterised by complete hair loss which is unlikely to grow back.

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Mum Wendy said the stress caused by bullying and ‘nasty comments’ had caused the hair loss and, sadly, the bullying continued after she had lost her hair. Mum went into the school to speak with staff and the bullying has now stopped.

Wendy, from Skircoat Green in Halifax, says Bonnie is facing a daily struggle with her confidence and self-image.

Bonnie Pullan from Halifax

“As a family, we engage with Alopecia charities and remind Bonnie every day that real beauty is on the inside, but the reality is we know the importance of hair to young girls.

“As secondary school looms she says things to me like ‘Mum, I don’t like myself’ or ‘Mum, all of my friends are pretty and I’m not’. It is heartbreaking to see the toll it has on her mental health.”

Wendy describes Bonnie as a ‘typical girl’ who enjoys playing out and watching videos. She also raises money for Alopecia UK and has won an award from the charity for her fundraising work which included a sponsored walk.

Bonnie Pullan

“Bonnie has always been so strong, winning awards at school. She won an award for Alopecia UK for her fundraising and spreading awareness. She’s the strongest girl I know.”

Bonnie and her family are now asking for donations to change her life and give her back the confidence she lost when her hair fell out.

The Yorkshire Hair Clinic in Huddersfield has set out to raise £5,000 for hair replacement for Bonnie. On May 28, Yorkshire Hair Clinic’s founders, Hayley Jennings and Jessica Patrick, will take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks to raise money to buy a CNC hair replacement system made by The Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy.

Bonnie Pullan with her mum Wendy

A CNC hair replacement is a non-invasive, dermatologically tested hair replacement system that is 3D printed to a bespoke mould of the wearer’s head. Once Bonnie has hers, she will wear it 24/7 for up to four weeks at a time before visiting Yorkshire Hair Clinic for complimentary maintenance appointments.

Jessica Patrick, of the Yorkshire Hair Clinic, said: “At Yorkshire Hair Clinic we see the difference that a CNC hair replacement system makes to those struggling with hair loss. The newly restored confidence clients leave the clinic with is a joy to watch. We can’t wait to see that in Bonnie!”

Donations to Bonnie’s cause can be made via the Go Fund Me page here

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