£100-a-day coke addict jailed after setting up two drug factories

A drug addict who set up two professional cannabis farms in a bid to pay off his own debts has been jailed for 54 months.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Lyndon Haley had been spending £100-a-day on cocaine and thought his only way to wipe his debts was to grow cannabis to give to his dealers.

In July 2019 police raided a house in Clare Street, Halifax, where Haley had converted three rooms to grow nearly 50 cannabis plants.

Prosecutor Clare Walsh said there were a further 252 individual potted plants in three propagators.

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She said each crop could have been worth about £22,000 and if all the plants had grown to maturity the potential value would have been over £130,000.

Haley, 37, of Ovenden Way, Halifax, admitted what he had been doing when he turned up at the police station, but after he was released under investigation he set up an almost identical cannabis farm at another house.

In October 2019 Haley was arrested when police officers raided his second grow at a property in Diamond Street, Halifax.

The court heard that four rooms had been converted to grow cannabis including the cellar.

Mrs Walsh said it was estimated that two potential crops from those plants could have been worth about £100,000.

Haley pleaded guilty to two charges of production of cannabis and his barrister described his offending as “a one-man operation”.

Judge Jonathan Rose said he was prepared to accept that Haley’s cocaine addiction had got him into debt in a very significant way, but he had then chosen to fund his habit by another form of criminality on a very significant scale.

The judge pointed out the dangers of cannabis farms which could lead to potentially fatal fires or come under attack from other criminals.

“You were a very professional grower of cannabis on not one but two occasions,” the judge told Haley.

Haley was jailed for 22 months for the first cannabis farm and was given a consecutive prison sentence of 32 months for the second offence.

YorkshireLive – Halifax